I Love Roller-Coasters…But Not When It Comes To My Investments

Last summer, I was traveling with my family in central Florida—part business, part pleasure.   On one particular day, my wife and I loaded up the kids and headed to Busch Gardens in Tampa.  If you have ever visited Busch Gardens then you know there is one particularly ominous roller-coaster that dwarfs all others—SheiKra™ is a red monster of twisting metal and a 200 foot vertical drop that produces speed in excess of 70 mph!  Let’s put it this way—not for the faint of heart. Read more

Weekly Economic Commentary

Week of September 3, 2013


  •  Our exports to our two closest neighbors, Canada and Mexico (27%), are larger than our exports to the Eurozone, Japan, and China combined (25%).
  • Perhaps market participants (ourselves included) should pay more attention to the economic prospects for Canada and Mexico and a bit less time on China, the Eurozone, and Japan.
  • All else being equal, an unexpected and permanent shift higher in economic growth for trading partners like China, the Eurozone, and Japan, should, over time, boost U.S. exports to those nations, and, in turn, boost U.S. GDP.

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