A Smooth Blend Of Active & Passive Investing

By:  Ian Maddox, CRPS™

When it comes to investing, there are countless strategies.  Some of these strategies come with fancy names like Arbitrage, Absolute Return, Market Neutral, Active, Passive—the list goes on.  Investment professionals and academics often argue the advantage of one approach over another.  A particularly heated debate, between two broad strategies, has run for the better part of thirty years: active management versus passive management.  Some of our readers might be familiar with this “investment lingo.”  However, for the benefit of our entire audience, let’s establish a few definitions. Read more


By Richard Hitchcock

With the current equity markets and bond markets in record high territories, it may be timely to review your current investment strategy.

Let’s say you have been talking with some friends about investing and one of them starts bragging about how much they have made recently in the market. You don’t think much about it until you turn on the TV that night and see that the markets have reached another record high. So you begin thinking that, while you’ve never really thought much about the market, you want your assets to grow like that (took out comma) too. After deliberating awhile, you jump into the market.

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