Grow: RISK!

Grow: RISK! By: Ian Maddox, CRPS® 2017 proved to be an outstanding year in the stock market, almost completely void of volatility.  2018, on the other hand, has delivered a series of ups and downs, and as of today, the major indexes have made little progress. Broad market volatility and interest rate movements have kept stocks and […]

Plant: What Exactly IS Financial Planning?

By: Ian M. Maddox CRPS® At its very basic level, Financial Planning has existed for all human history.  Sure, in ancient times we didn’t have fancy currency, exotic investment vehicles and insurance products, or even a concept of saving for college or retirement.  We did, however, have a need to identify, measure, manage, and trade […]

Enjoy: Untangling Your Parent’s Financial Puzzle

By: Ian M Maddox, CRPS® ENJOY (60+): The Planning Phase The mental acuity necessary to do something as simple as balance a checkbook can fade with age.  Often children step in when issues arise with mom and dad’s finances only to discover a maze of documents, files, and accounts dating back to the 1960’s, or […]