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A Smooth Blend Of Active & Passive Investing

By:  Ian Maddox, CRPS™ When it comes to investing, there are countless strategies.  Some of these strategies come with fancy names like Arbitrage, Absolute Return, Market Neutral, Active, Passive—the list goes on.  Investment professionals and academics often argue the advantage of one approach over another.  A particularly heated debate, between two broad strategies, has run […]

Weekly Economic Commentary

Week of September 3, 2013 Highlights  Our exports to our two closest neighbors, Canada and Mexico (27%), are larger than our exports to the Eurozone, Japan, and China combined (25%). Perhaps market participants (ourselves included) should pay more attention to the economic prospects for Canada and Mexico and a bit less time on China, the […]

Are The Markets Ahead Of The Economy?

WEEKLY ECONOMIC UPDATE February 20, 2012 The Hitchcock Maddox Financial Planning CONSUMER PRICES UP 0.2% FOR JANUARY Major factors in this increase in the Consumer Price Index include a 0.9% rise in the price of clothing as well as rising rents and healthcare costs. Core CPI also rose 0.2% in January. The annualized inflation rate […]