The Complication of Retirement

By: Ian Maddox, CRPS®

You thought work was complicated?  Try retiring.  During your working years your financial well-being was tied to your employment: your paycheck, your health insurance, your life insurance.  Maybe even your social network and gym membership. Unfortunately, when your employment stops much or all of these benefits disappear.  If they do continue, they don’t come cheap.  In many ways you are left to fend for yourself.  So what do you do? Read more

A Smooth Blend Of Active & Passive Investing

By:  Ian Maddox, CRPS™

When it comes to investing, there are countless strategies.  Some of these strategies come with fancy names like Arbitrage, Absolute Return, Market Neutral, Active, Passive—the list goes on.  Investment professionals and academics often argue the advantage of one approach over another.  A particularly heated debate, between two broad strategies, has run for the better part of thirty years: active management versus passive management.  Some of our readers might be familiar with this “investment lingo.”  However, for the benefit of our entire audience, let’s establish a few definitions. Read more